Rustic Interior with Red Carpet

12x9 Acrylic on Panel

Another for the "Abode" show, coming soon.


AH said…
C'est superbe !
Karen Boe said…
I love your interiors, David.
When I see them small in my blog list I always pause for a second to take in how detailed they look. Then I come here to see them full size and am blown away by how you've simplified them perfectly, with minimal strokes and spot-on values. You make it look effortless, more than most. And here I am going on and on, um...can you tell I'm a fan? :)
David Lloyd said…
AH - Merci

Karen - I certainly appreciate such nice comments...really perks me up! Especially when they come from talented fellow artists :)
Lisa Graham Art said…
Gosh this is gorgeous! All your art is truly wonderful, but I am particularly gaga over your interiors. You master every single detail in the room. How do you do it?!
Dara Anzlowar said…
So beautiful, David. You never fail to amaze.