NEWS - A New Gallery in Berkeley

Coral Chairs - Quick Study
5x7 Acrylic on Watercolor/Illustration Board

I'm pleased to announce that "Collector," a gallery and art shop located in Berkeley, California, will now be handling most of my original 5x7 interior quick studies.  In addition to these small originals, they will carry a line of prints you won't find anywhere else.  Pay them a visit, here.


Lisa Graham Art said…
That's awesome. Congratulations! Will there still be interior paintings on Etsy?

I love this interior's really beautiful.
David Lloyd said…
Hi Lisa...thanks!

I will surely have an occasional interior for direct sale, though most will be making their way to the gallery. We'll have to see how things pan out.
Cindy Williams said…
Congratulations David! I love this painting, the coral chairs really stand out in it. Lovely interior painting.
Randall Cogburn said…
Nice interior Loyd :)