NEWS - New Orleans Show Coming in October

Interior with Bust and Flag
8x10 Acrylic on Panel

It has been a few years since I've given a full gallery show.  At long last, we can mark our calendars!  Join me at Jean Bragg Gallery on Saturday, October 5th, during New Orleans' ever popular "Art for Arts' Sake" festival.  The above painting will be among roughly twenty recent interior paintings on display and available for purchase.  Stay tuned for updates.


Lisa Graham Art said…
Wow, this is a fabulous painting and fabulous news! Happy for you! Wish I could be there in person. Love your art!!! I am trying to paint sort of an interior...with a girl in it of course. My interior only has curtains, a window and a slice of bed and this painting is killing me.

I am enjoying my new paintings so so much...they are all framed and displayed in my living room.
Michael Barnett said…
Great stuff once more.
I paid for a tutorial at Daily Paintworks and it was very useful, would happily pay for one or two of yours, if you ever get around to that sort of thing.
dorothy lorenze said…
Congratulations on the show! This is a gorgeous painting! I'd love to see more of your interiors!

Satpal Kadole said…
Very Inspiring Paintings....