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Open Road - Alla Prima

Old Chevy - Alla Prima


Winter Barn at Sunset - Alla Prima

Winter Street - Alla Prima

Motel - Alla Prima

Roadside Refreshment - Alla Prima

Crossing - Alla Prima

Walking Home

Window Seat

The Great Outdoors - Line and Wash Sketches

Blue Chaise with Vase and Flowers

Bull Moose - Crossing the Tundra

Sizing Him Up

Cold Creek

Cottonwood Pass - Continental Divide

Townhome Staircase

Sitting Room with Red Flowers


Pale Interior with Portrait and Busts

Regal Red

Cottage Interior

Color and Cocktails

Rustic Kitchen with Cooking Pots

A Royal Bedroom

Blue Chaise

Four Miniature Landscapes - Quick Studies

Claudia's Chair

Secretary with Teacup and Glasses

Farmhouse Kitchen

Rustic Interior with Red Carpet

River in Winter - Sketch

Overlook - Sketch


Sandbar - Quick Study

Road into Town - Quick Study

Three Characters - Line and Wash Sketches

NEWS - A New Gallery in Berkeley

Wine Country - Quick Study

Tuscan House - Line and Wash Sketch

Flowers in a Tan Jar - Quick Study

Dumptruck - Quick Study