News - A Ribbon and Rubicon

Green Apples with Cobalt Vase
Today I get to do a little boasting. The previously posted painting, "Green Apples with Cobalt Vase" received an honorable mention at this month's Watercolor Art Society - Houston member show. The reception takes place this Friday night, the 13th (yikes), from 6 to 8 PM. Thanks to everyone involved in making my first experience with WAS-H a memorable one.


In other news, AMC bought the painting "Buck" and have asked to use it as a set dressing in their spy thriller, "Rubicon". I happily agreed. Whether the piece will actually be used, or in which episode it may appear, I have no idea. If you see it, do let me know.

Finally, a compelling reason for me to watch television!


Kim said…
Congratulations David! That's really lovely news : ) Well deserved.
Kenney Mencher said…
Awesome news! Congrats!
Sheila Vaughan said…
Congrats on both David - no one uses acrylic quite as good as you do in my opinion.