Three Houses - Alla Prima

5x7 Acrylic on Paper


sandihester said…
David, I love your use of color in your paintings - it's very clean and fresh and simple but has such depth. I love this sketch! Do you ever paint in watercolor? I notice you do acrylic on paper and was just wondering if you ever play around in watercolor. Keep the great paintings coming!
David Lloyd said…
Sandi...thank you so much.

I have certainly been influenced and inspired by watercolorists and gouache artists, and I credit some of my acrylic technique to my own experiments with watercolor. Perhaps as much as my experience with oils.

It would not be inaccurate to describe some of my work as a kind of "fusion" of the two mediums...made possible by acrylics.

I confess that my work in pure watercolor is hit or miss...mostly miss! A little bit better with gouache...surely because of it's similarities with acrylic (opacity).

:) Thanks again, Sandi!