A Day at the Beach - Alla Prima

4x6 Acrylic on Paper
Collection of the Artist


Maggie Latham said…
David, If I could paint a beach scene half as nice as this in gouache I would be one happy camper! May I ask what size brushes you use for these little guys....and do you work to size or work larger and crop down? I find it so difficult to leave well alone and always end up with overkill of washes and colours.
You continue to be an inspiration to me.
David Lloyd said…
Hi Maggie...

First of all, your gouache work is stunning! Little Gems 2 and 9, particularly.

As for brushes, I go as far as a 1" will take me, then usually switch to a 3/4" or 1/2" to define a few things, then a tiny round for the really fine bits...never very much of that!

It is not unusual for me to do an entire sketch with a 1".

Rule of thumb...use big brushes.

As for cropping...I tape off the size I want first, then paint over the edges if necessary. Peeling the tape off is always exciting...feels like removing the bandages!

Thanks, Maggie!