Dusk on the Strip - Alla Prima

5x8 Acrylic on Paper


rob ijbema said…
great image david
love the suggestive details!
Casey Klahn said…
Very evocative!
LSaeta said…
Your paintings are so amazing. I love the colors in this one! Glad to have found your blog! Very nicely done.
David Lloyd said…
Thanks so much, everyone.
bluefollowsred said…
Hello there, I really like your work.
I am going to add your name to my list of artist blogs, if you like my work please feel free to add my blog too. thanks!
David Lloyd said…
Hey Lou...I always feel like a schmuck for saying no, but I stopped trading links a long time ago. The logical end was a list that went on forever!

Nothing personal, for sure...love your work!
Hey David,

Love your work! I came across you through Jeff's site. Love these cityscapes. excellent.