16x20 Acrylic on Canvas

This is another painting featured in the January show. And, here is the sketch of this scene which was completed months ago. I often browse through sketches and look for work that is suitable for larger scale pieces.


Sheila Vaughan said…
David, hope your show is going well. I'm really, really sorry to miss it. This painting is terrific.
Leah Waichulis said…
Very nice painting, I love the sketch too.
Simon Jones said…
Terrific painting, great colours and atmosphere.
Michele Schick said…
The show was wonderfully inviting. You leave with a great refreshed feeling after viewing David's creations.
David Lloyd said…
Michele...I'm so happy you made it to the reception. I think it was a wonderful event...thanks for sharing it with us!

Sheila...that would have been quite a commute for you :P

Thanks all!