Two in a Boat - Alla Prima

9x12 Acrylic on Loose Canvas


sandra flood said…
First time to your blog. Wonderful work!
What do you mean by loose canvas? Do you have it tacked to a board?
David Lloyd said…
Hi Sandra...

Thanks for taking a look and complimenting my blog.

I say loose canvas as opposed to stretched or mounted canvas. For these studies I usually just temporarily tape a piece of canvas to a larger board which rests on my easel.

The advantages are extreme portability and economy. With loose pieces of canvas I can easily make sketches while on the road (though I do most of my work in the studio) and for such quick exercises I'm not inclined to use an expensive prefabricated and stretched canvas.

I make the distinction primarily to inform interested purchasers of what to expect. If I keep a particular piece for myself, I usually mount it permanently to archival hardboard, though it certainly is not necessary to do so.

Thanks again for taking a peek!