Southern Bedroom (2005)

8x10 Oil on Panel

Sorry for the absence...I'm busy preparing for the Canal Street show. Here's an oil from 2005.


David Lobenberg said…
A sop you threw in, because you're too busy getting ready for a show!...looks great. Love the glowing lamp and light blasting in from stage left. Hey, I mentioned you in my last post "Got Gesture?".
David Lloyd said…

Wow...thanks for the plug! Love the work in that post, and REALLY love the motorcycles in the one preceding.
Ambera said…
I never get tired of your interiors, they are incredible! I always think of Sargent.
pve design said…
like to see what you do when you are not busy.
that room, that bed, makes me want to jump, then sleep, then be served breakfast in bed.
love the glow of that lamp.