Narrow - Alla Prima

7x5 Acrylic on Panel

So much going on recently, I thought I would take the time to update everyone.

A New Gallery - Canal Street Gallery

A local collective of 11 Houston area artists is slated to open April 5th, with our grand opening group show being held April 18th. The space is being finished off as we speak and looks fabulous. I'm very excited to be a part of the new venue. Combined with my dear New Orleans representatives at Jean Bragg Gallery, my dance card is officially full. Canal Street has a front and back gallery, the front being reserved for monthly solo shows by member artists, and the back sectioned into permanent spaces for each, where new work will be continuously introduced. My solo show in the front gallery is scheduled for November, 2008. If you find yourself in Houston, please do drop by.

A New SketchBlog

Lately I have found myself wanting more and more to share excerpts from my sketchbooks. Obviously, sketches come more frequently than paintings, and if I keep posting them here it wouldn't be long before my doodles consumed the whole blog (not to mention flooding my poor subscribers' mailboxes with sketches). So, I'm starting a separate blog...a sandbox where I can post as many scribbles as I see fit, while not cluttering the main space. Of course, if you want to have your mailbox can subscribe to that blog separately.

A New Host

After suffering for a year with terribly slow load times, we've finally moved to a different webhost. We noticed an immediate and substantial improvement. We are still finishing things up, but are very happy with the new infrastructure.

The Same Old Thanks

As usual, I'd like to thank everyone for looking in to my humble space every now and then. Thanks for all the comments. And for the quiet ones, I haven't forgotten about you. I love my strong, mostly mute, and invisible family. I'm encouraged everyday by your devoted, affectionate lurking.

Thanks all.


Bill Sharp said…
I've been one of the 'quiet ones' for quite a long time but I'm pulled from the shadow by the launch of your sketchblog. I really enjoy your paintings and look forward to every post. I have always, however, had a fascination with the sketchbooks of artists as much or more than finished work. I'm very happy you've decided to give yours their own home.

Congratulations on all your recent success, as well.
David Lloyd said…
Thank you Bill...I feel the same way about sketches. The immediacy of a sketch makes me feel closer to the artist, somehow, as though I were having a casual conversation with them. My sketches are probably too casual, since I do them to relax. Even so, they do teach me and reinforce principles that I use in my paintings.

Thanks so much for coming out to say hi. Feel free now, if you'd like, to withdraw into the shadows!