Red Onion - Alla Prima

8x10 Acrylic on Panel

Beginning my days now with one hour studies.


Larry Seiler said…
I like your work, and I like your style. Perhaps had I learned to work with acrylics this way (was a hyper realist for 17 years) I would have stayed with them more. Using more oils now.

But refreshing, clean...suggestive with just the right variation. Nice work!
David Lloyd said…

Thanks so much. It's amazing what a small (art)world it is on the web. I'm familiar with your great work.

I've painted in oils for years, now I enjoy switching back and forth. Acrylics inspire a kind of "do it now" approach that suits me, and I think they've made me a better oil painter. Acrylics can be dangerous, though, you're right. You can work things to death if you zone out.

Thanks for commenting!
Jared Shear said…
This is a beautiful piece David.....nailed this one, from the colors, values, and those beautifully energetic brush strokes. WOW!