Self Portrait (2006)

24x18 Oil on Panel
Collection of the Artist

Here's a portrait from 2006 while I finish up some other work.


Ambera said…
oooh, I love it!
How much time would something like this take you to paint?
David Lloyd said…
Hi Ambera...that's a simple question with a complicated answer. Painting times vary, but I'd say on average a piece like this would take between 20 to 40 hours, spread over the course of several weeks. I always have multiple pieces going, so I switch back and forth as drying time dictates. The fact that it is oil and fairly large makes for a lengthier process. A lot depends on my state of mind. And, I'm not really accounting for all the time spent simply sitting and staring at them. Some just fall off the brush, and some are like pulling teeth. I'm working on a piece now that was 90% finished the first day...while the last 10% of wretched detailing has consumed a week.

Ha...I bet you're sorry you asked!