Pro Bono Publico

12x16 Acrylic on Panel
Collection of the Artist

The second of the Mardi Gras pieces, this is Rex and his Queen presiding over the ball. The show opens tonight. I had planned to be in attendance, but am now unable. Too bad, I'm sure...I think it's going to be a nice time. I will most certainly be on hand at the February show, as I am to be treated to a real insider's look at Mardi Gras this year. Very excited!
Here are some details....


david lobenberg said…
Gotta say, I love your sketchy style! Noticed that your recent posts are pieces in acrylic. I'm a long time watercolor artist. About 3 years ago, I transitioned into acrylic and love the medium. I'm going to put you on my blog site as a link so I and my students can keep up with your work. My blog is:
David Lloyd said…
David...thanks so much for your comments...and the link! After dabbling with acrylics for years, I've finally dedicated enough time to them to make some decent things. I was always too harsh with my criticism of the medium...but, like you, I now adore them. I'm glad I came to them late, though, because oils have taught me many important things...(mostly patience...haha). Anyway, I'm humbled that you'd show my work to your students...thanks so much.