Lake Raven - Plein Air - Alla Prima

5x7 Acrylic on Panel
It's been a long time since I've worked outside. The winter weather here is mild, but invigorating. This is my first experience working outdoors with acrylics, and there are challenges for which I did not account. Even the slightest breeze accelerates the drying time significantly, so a stay-wet palette seems a good investment for this type of work. A general assessment of my equipment is that it all needs looking into. I've been keen for some time on the idea of building my own pochade/table system. I think it's time to design something custom.
Otherwise the trip was trouble free. I'll surely be doing an entire series of this park as soon as possible.


David Lobenberg said…
David: Check out a site called Artwork Essentials. I just purchased their Versa plein air tripod and paint box. My Stay-wet fits into it like a glove! For the price, this system can't be beat!