His Majesty's Lieutenant

12x16 Acrylic on Panel

The first of the New Year's major works are on their way to New Orleans. Two Mardi Gras themed pieces will be on display in a group show hosted by the Jean Bragg Gallery. Both pieces are 12x16 acrylics on panel.

"Placed at intervals throughout the parade are His Majesty's lieutenants. They ride in groups of three, wearing gold-trimmed velvet uniforms of purple, green, and gold, the royal colors." - www.rexorganization.com

For more interesting facts about the King of Carnival, visit http://www.rexorganization.com/


Ambera said…
This must have been very difficult to capture the spontaneity of the scene, and yet you do it so well! Looks amazing!
David Lloyd said…
Thanks Ambera. It can be tricky...especially when working from photos, which I do a LOT. It's important to edit as if you were there, which can be tough when you have the luxury of a static image. I call it "manufacturing spontaneity."