Sketches of Quint

Thumbnail sketches of our modern day Ahab...
I adore sketches. Indeed, many of the posts you see on this artblog are sketches. But I should stress that these pieces are not posted as mere filler. Not only are sketches the ultimate exercise in brevity, they are a training ground for developing techniques useful for more substantial pieces. The practice trains the artist to seek efficient solutions to the complex problem of rendering a scene, and fosters a mindset that can keep even layered work looking fresh. Sketching also promotes experimentation, helping the artist to stretch his talents without consequence. Personally, I find good sketches aesthetically complete, appreciating them as much for what isn't there as for what is. These sketches were painted in oil on a 12x16 sized panel, and were created in less than fifteen minutes per sketch. Because of the sketch on your right, I have chosen to do a larger piece based on the severity of Mr. Shaw's expression. You never know what a sketch might lead to.